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The Project

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How fast will technology change? How will labour markets respond? Which policies will benefit Europe's resilience?

Policymakers have questions. FutuRes has the scenarios.

The FutuRes project envisions a Europe that is resilient to face the future with confidence. We believe that science is critical to this - that's why fostering productive exchange with decision-makers is central to its work.

FutuRes is a collaborative research project and policy lab which is funded by the EU's Horizon Research and Innovation programme. The focus is on understanding the drivers of resilience in increasingly ageing societies. 

By the end of 2025, the project's team will produce science-informed scenarios and policy recommendations for boosting the resilience of people and institutions in Europe. This means that we will generate detailed data-based hypotheses of future demographic developments, which will prepare policymakers for challenges most likely to arise.

Our transdisciplinary team is made up of demographers, economists and other social scientists. Together they push the boundaries of "crisis preparedness": with innovative data models and scenario building.

The FutuRes project's research design is modeled after the policy cycle. It begins with an evaluation of policies' performance in crises in the most recent European history, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Recession. Next, key factors of resilience and drivers of change are identified, all based on high-quality datasets. Finally, a scenario building process will merge the research results with the experience of stakeholders.

During the project, the research team continuously meets with policymakers, civil society stakeholders and citizens for feedback. The platform for this is the FutuRes Policy Lab.

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