Contemporary policies for ageing in Europe, reviewed by AGE Platform


FutuRes researchers and project partner AGE Platform Europe are currently working together to evaluate the potential of European policy strategies to fight ageism and age discrimination. In a highly informative SAGE article, Ilenia Gheno of AGE Platform reviews the most recent policy and research endeavours on societal ageing. The article highlights the work of a whole movement of advocates at the European and international levels. It discusses advantages and shortcomings of certain approaches of planning for demographic change and proposes the strategies most likely to change the narrative around age and ageing. 

Some of the article's key messages: 

  1. Strategies which stress ‘welfare’ over ‘well-being’ are less likely to help improve narratives around demographic change.
  2. Taking a stance on economic issues when approaching demographic ageing is important, however, without the perspective of rights and quality of life, policy and research only tell a small part of the story.
  3. Policies which leave a lot of room for definition to the member states, risk a heterogeneous application across the EU.

FutuRes researchers and Age Platform will present their preliminary research findings on ageism and European policies at a citizen workshop on September 26, 2024, 10 AM CEST. At this online-workshop, civil society actors and engaged citizens from different European countries will give feedback on the research. If you or your organisation would like to join the workshop, please register here.