FutuRes experts and Vice-President Suica discuss visions for demographic futures

Group photo at the EU Commission: VP Dubravka Suica with Arnstein Aassve, Andreas Edel, Jakub Bijak and Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak along with other research experts

This week, the EU-Commission's Vice-President for Demography and Democracy Dubravka Šuica invited four of the FutuRes project's experts to Brussels. Along with other research colleagues, the FutuRes experts Arnstein Aassve, Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, Jakub Bijak, and Andreas Edel presented visions for "the Future of the EU through a demographic lens".

The Vice-President and the research experts share and important view: Europe may be ageing - but there is much more to do than to simply paint a negative picture. The Vice-President, after the meeting stressed in a tweet the "need to continue encouraging policymakers at all layers of governance to address demographic changes & their impact on Europe’s competitive edge". Topics discussed among others were the predominantly rural challenges of regional development and the strengthening of intergenerational ties, along with more urban challenges of tight housing markets, high population density and greater social inequalities.

"Demography is also about competitiveness and resilience, two keywords for the next years", said FutuRes Head of Research Arnstein Aassve after the meeting. "Today at European Commission experts met with policy makers exchanging ideas, insights, policy actions and long term strategies. Feeling optimistic!"

At FutuRes, we believe that regional and urban development is a matter of equity and fair opportunities for all. If people feel left behind compared to others, this can lead to political tension and to a decline in confidence in democracy. This makes regional development a key to future resilience. FutuRes is honored and delighted to have had the opportunity for this discussion. We wish to thank Vice-President Šuica for her invitation, and express our gratitude for years of her championship and support for demographic research.

Images courtesy of the European Commission, office of the Vice-President for Demography and Democracy

In a conference room at the EU Commission: Andreas Edel, Jakub Bijak and Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak along with other research experts