Jakub Bijak

Professor of Statistical Demography
Portrait: Jakub Bijak

An expert in statistical modeling, Prof. Bijak leads the FutuRes team on migration, which will assess how adaptive European economies are to both migration and technological shocks.

Jakub Bijak is a Professor of Statistical Demography at the University of Southampton, UK. He has PhD in economics, with specialisation in demography, obtained from the Warsaw School of Economics, and nearly 20 years of work experience in academia and international civil service. His research focuses on population and migration models and forecasts, demographic uncertainty, and the demography of armed conflict.

For his work on migration modeling he has been awarded the Allianz European Demographer Award (2015) and the Jerzy Z Holzer Medal (2007). Leader of a European Research Council project “Bayesian Agent-based Population Studies” (2017-22, www.baps-project.eu), developing innovative simulation models of migration, and a Horizon 2020 project “QuantMig: Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy” (2020-23, www.quantmig.eu), focused on various aspects of quantitative migration scenarios and forecasting. Editor-in-Chief of Demographic Research (2018-24). In the FutuRes project, Jakub is responsible for the work package on migration, working together with Emily Barker.