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2023 - n° 3

By Jakub Bijak and Emily Barker (U. of Southampton)

Population ageing, decline of the European labour force, inequalities in economic activity between age groups and countries: all these challenges put European social systems to the test. How best to meet them? How to design resilient policy responses? Is the solution simply: more migration?

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Jakub Bijak, Emily Barker
Keywords: resilience; ageing; labour markets; policy; migration;
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2023 - n° 2

Three years after Covid-19 first hit Europe, it can be said that older people were among the groups most affected by the pandemic. At the same time, older people were in some ways more equipped to adapt to the reality of this social crisis – as they had lived through others before. This capacity to withstand and cope has recently been discussed as “resilience”. But what, exactly, is resilience? And how can older people’s resilience inform future policies?

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Apolline Parel
Keywords: AGE; resilience; older people; pandemic;