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The Policy Lab

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The "FutuRes Policy Lab" brings stakeholders together to discuss the best ways towards a resilient Europe. Our meetings and workshops are designed specifically for experts from research, politics, business and civil society. Their goal is to develop ideas for policies which promote resilience in Europe's populations. These ideas feed back into the FutuRes projects' research and policy advice. All discussions are based on scientific findings, practical experience and the lived reality of citizens.

Below you find the archive of our activities.

Spring 2024 Bulletin: Outcomes of the first year of FutuRes

We celebrate one year of the FutuRes project! In this year, we have established the "Policy Lab" as a platform for stakeholders to discuss resilient policymaking. Several hundred stakeholders have already attended FutuRes events, including high-level speakers from EU policy.

Video recordings: Science in conversation with policy stakeholders

You can now watch all video recordings of FutuRes researchers at the Berlin Demography Days 2024. Three of our research leaders presented their perspectives in expert panels from 23-25 January. Advisory Board member Pearl Dykstra spoke at the high-level policy panel.

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Invitation to register: Berlin Demography Days

FutuRes is pleased to be a partner in the next Berlin Demography Days. The theme will be “Overcoming Crises – Shaping Policy for an Uncertain Future”. We invite you to join us for panel discussions with distinguished experts from politics, business, science and civil society

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Virtual Press Hour: “Myth Busting for Ageing Societies”

Have you ever caught yourself speaking about “generations” as if they were different species? Labels like “boomers” and “generation X, Y, Z, …” are incredibly popular in public discourse these days. Unfortunately, these labels give us warped ideas about ageing.

To counter these myths, the EU-funded FutuRes research project is launching the series “Myth Busting for Ageing Societies.

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FutuRes High-Level Policy Expert Workshop

Connecting Population and Crisis Foresight to Policy Challenges

Whether slow-onset changes or abrupt “shocks”, research evidence can help reduce the “fog of uncertainty” when it comes to societal developments. In particular, policy makers often look for research tools that can predict changes in population dynamics so that they can plan how to manage them.

Societal Resilience is the way forward

Outcomes of the first FutuRes Policy Lab

Participants from science, politics and civil society discussed factors for building societal “resilience” in Europe at the first FutuRes Policy Lab meeting.

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New Policy Insight

Low birth rates: Ten steps towards more baby-friendly policies for 2024 and beyond

by Anna Rotkirch, Population Research Institute, Väestöliitto (The Family Federation of Finland)

FutuRes Policy Lab launched with expert debate on labour market policy

A public panel of high-level experts on the subject of work has launched the “FutuRes Policy Lab”. The experts from science and politics came together online on June 27, 2023. A video recording of the debate is available here.

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Work Better to Work Longer?


Quality of Working Life as Key to a more Resilient Labour Market" | A FutuRes Policy Lab Dialogue

with Beatrice Covassi, European Parliament | Jutta Allmendinger, WZB Berlin Social Science Center | Massimiliano Mascherini, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions | Arnstein Aassve, crisis resilience expert, Bocconi University | Ulrich Becker, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Munich.



New Policy Insight


By Apolline Parel, AGE Platform Europe

The EU should build its policies upon the resilience of older people.