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The Policy Lab

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The "FutuRes Policy Lab" brings stakeholders together to discuss the best ways towards a resilient Europe. Our meetings and workshops are designed specifically for experts from research, politics, business and civil society. Their goal is to develop ideas for policies which promote resilience in Europe's populations. These ideas feed back into the FutuRes projects' research and policy advice. All discussions are based on scientific findings, practical experience and the lived reality of citizens.

Below you find the archive of our activities.

Age Platform Europe: FutuRes kicks off


As a partner in this project, AGE Platform Europe will address the aspects of human-rights and non-discrimination.

FutuRes Project launched

Eight institutions from science and civil society join hands for a resilient Europe

06/03/2023 07/03/2023
FutuRes project launched: Kick-off Meeting & Advisory Board

Eight institutions from science and civil society join hands for a resilient Europe.

An exceptional team of researchers has come together to make Europe strong for the Future. The project “FutuRes: Towards a Resilient Future of Europe” had its kick-off meeting in Milan, Italy on the 6th and 7th March.


Building crisis resilience

How to Design Policies Which Allow Europeans to Prosper Even in Crises?

PopulationEurope talks about FutuRes aims and challenges.

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